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Central Vacuum System

Life Just Got Easier with a Central Vacuum System

Central Vacuum System for carpet or hard surface floors by House of Vacuums Irondale Alabama | 205.956.8950
MD Central Vacuum House Diagram - House of Vacuums Irondale Alabama | 205.956-8950

So What is a Central Vacuum System?

A central vacuum is a built-in appliance in which the main power unit is installed in another part of the house such as your garage, basement, utility room, etc.  PVC pipes extend from that location through interior walls and connect to wall ports in various locations within your home.

Once you plug in a long vacuum hose to a wall port, a powerful suction starts and you may begin to vacuum.

Central vacuums are very easy to use.  Also, dust and debris collected is immediately removed from your living area, leaving your home fresh and clean.

Different accessories are available for hard to reach areas such as ceiling fans, corners, light shades and outdoor use such as your patio or garage.





Imagine skipping around from room to room without having to drag that vacuum cleaner around with you up and down the stairs!

Central Vacs are So Easy to Use

With a central vacuum system installed by House of Vacuums, you can travel quickly, easily to each room and plug in your hose and wa la, you're ready to go!

Central Vacs are a Smart Investment

A central vacuum is more affordable than you think and it is a very smart investment.  Stop by and see a no-obligation demonstration today!

MD Central Vacuum System by House of Vacuums Irondale Alabama | 205.956.8950 | A Smart Investment


Clinically proven that allergy suffers notice a reduction in systems after installing a central vacuum system



Allergy Sufferers Notice Reduction in Symptoms

Allergy sufferers notice a reduction in symptoms after installing a central vacuum system so with less noise and ease of use, a central vac system is definitely a wise investment.

Why Should I Buy A Central Vacuum?

  • Minimal Vacuum Noise
  • Super Easy to Use
  • Goodbye Portable Vacuums & Short Vacuum Cords
  • Cleaner Air, Reduced Allergies - PROVEN
  • Versatile
  • Powerful Deep Cleaning
  • A Smart Investment

Why Choose House of Vacuums

  • Over 30 Years Experience
  • Great Customer Service
  • Qualifed Installation/Service Technicians
  • We're Here After the Installation
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Your #1 Choice
House of Vacuums Irondale has been serving the greater Birmingham, Alabama area since 1977 including Mountain Brook, Homewood, Hoover, Greystone, Inverness and beyond.

House of Vacuums Offers Professional In-Home Installation for Any Central Vacuum System

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Need A Central Vac Repaired Or Serviced?


Central Vacuum System for carpet or hard surface floors by House of Vacuums Irondale Alabama | 205.956.8950

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As you can see, House of Vacuums is your #1 choice in central vacuum system installation, service and repair.  Call us to today to discuss your specific needs at 205.956.8950.  You will be happy with a House of Vacuums installation or service!

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